Car Air-Conditioning Service - Recharge and Anti-Bacterial Clean

Here comes the summer (fingers crossed) and it is time to make sure your cars Air Conditioning system is working correctly. Annual checks will ensure that your Air Con is working at optimum performance and you remain as cool as an Eskimo inside, even when it is hot outside.

Get your Air-Con checked

You should really make sure that your Air Conditioning is checked regularly. The recommendation is that you should recharge your Air Conditioning system with gas and lubricant every 18 months to keep it running efficiently. A loss of gas pressure could result in a drop in cooling efficiency, overworking the engine and consuming more fuel.

At Delisle’s we have all machines required to service your vehicles A/C system and diagnose when the temps get too hot to handle inside your car.

Our machines service R134a and the New gas 1234yf.

Speak to us regarding your A/C today!

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